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* Honey has joined #social
<Honey> hello people
<Honey> is anybody going to answer
<Honey> hello Sex attic people
<Honey> hi ChanServ
<Honey> yo yo
* Honey Quit (Quit: Live Chat Java User)
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<dj|bored> frenchie DOESN'T wash yoru nose out with high powered water?
<Lolli> Ah well if people can't handle the weirdness..
<dj|bored> how RUDE
<JohnBrehaut1> lmao
<Lolli> ;( He doesn't
<Lolli> I feel so unattractive..
#254 · added 14 September 2006 · vote up / -6 / vote down - from #social
*Lollipop_Girl sulks in an over-dramatic way.
* Bunny gives Lolli some lipgloss for her pout
<curly|php|bap> lol
* Lollipop_Girl applies the lipgloss and goes back to pouting
* TFS|Story thinks that Lolli's cute when she pouts
* shakazulu pats lolli and insists her obsession with frenchie is purley to do with his storys then realises she has spelt purely wrong and refuses to go back to correct the typo
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[06:08] * Tig|zzz Tig
[06:08] <HystericalParoxysm> Yes. You Tig.
[06:08] <HystericalParoxysm> You need coffee, also. :D
[06:08] <HystericalParoxysm> !coffee Tig
[06:08] * Pillze gives Tig a cup of coffee. :)
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[03:09] * KKai is now known as is
[03:09] * is is now known as KKai
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<Database> ZOMG 1337
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<Khet> anyone else see a problem with telling the plebs that the forum needs panties
<Alliance|TES3> panties?
<bluevorlon> All forums need panties
<Gaelxan> ...why?
<Alliance|TES3> down again :/
<Hablacraja> why not
<Gaelxan> applying underwear to software requires justification.
<bluevorlon> not in a just world gaelxan
<bluevorlon> underwear needs no justification
<Martian> panties
<Martian> now there is a worthy cause.
<bluevorlon> exactly
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[20:46:12] <JK11> curlybap, you have a copy of Windows ME in your mailbox
[20:47:04] <curlybap> hi, jk
[20:47:07] <curlybap> and wtf?
[00:12:25] <GreenStraws> Curly.. Have you checked your mailbox lately?
[00:12:37] <curly|email|bap> mailbox?
[00:12:39] <curly|email|bap> what mailbox?
[00:12:48] <GreenStraws> Yeah. Well, in it you will find:
[00:12:53] <curly|email|bap> you damn people keep telling me you're sending me windows ME!
[00:13:06] <kindpeoplerule> windows me sucks
[00:13:11] <curly|email|bap> precisely!
[00:13:17] <curly|email|bap> i think that's the idea
[00:13:19] <GreenStraws> Lolli's typos, a Windows ME operating system, a rotten banana, and a dead fishie.
[00:13:20] <curly|email|bap> the scheme
[00:13:21] <curly|email|bap> the plot
[00:13:31] <curly|email|bap> wtf is with you people!
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[09:02pm] <Sesmo> Oh man. Ripped out Bible pages...I'd be in heaven.
[09:02pm] <Sesmo> Wait...
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[03:43pm] * Sexy is too sexy for this chat. I mean to SEXYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!
[03:43pm] * Sexy (Sexy@mts2-FD92B53E.buff.east.verizon.net) Quit (Quit: modthesims2.com)
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* Chii rolls Lolli in hazelnut and chocolate icecream.
<Annabanana> http://www.confartigianatofirenze.it/categorie/alimentaristi/Immagini/cornetto.jpg
<whiterider> !icecream
<Lollipop_Girl> Oooh yay!
* Chii passes whiterider a yummy icecream cone with a flake.
* TFS|Simmies kicks Lolli
<TFS|Simmies> Licks!
* whiterider passes it to Anna
<TFS|Simmies> Dang!
<Lollipop_Girl> :o
<whiterider> rofl
<Annabanana> lol
<Lollipop_Girl> You kicked me!
* TFS|Simmies kicks himself
* Annabanana dies laughing
* Vous avez été expulsé de #social par Annabanana (need an help?)
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[17:13] * whiterider has the memory of a.... um, what was it again?
[17:14] <Kelly> ... whale?
#338 · added 7 November 2006 · vote up / -3 / vote down - from #social
<Dimension> buddy of mine was so stoned, he was actually 3rd person for about an hour
<Pfhoenix> lol
<Dimension> he saw himself from above doing stufff
<Dimension> steering himself as if through some wireless controls
<Dimension> also, some other time he was puffing a blunt
<Dimension> and there was a huge moth caught in a spiderweb, struggling
<Dimension> so he goes over and blows a bit of smoke on her to calm her down
<Dimension> and she DIES
<Dimension> INSTANTLY
<Pfhoenix> you seem to remember alot about your 'friends' trip there...
<Dimension> thats because i was present
<Dimension> guy lived next door
<Dimension> and I used to be responsible for shaving his mohawk
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* London (London@mts2-EC91319.tampfl.fios.verizon.net) a rejoint #social
<London> wow loads of ppl are on today
<London> i hate my life
<London> and im the onyl one talking
<London> ya'll suck
* London est parti (Quit: modthesims2.com)
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* DIVINITY (DIVINITY@101E6B96.7B23ADBC.D59C1D71.IP) has joined #social
<DB[DoctorWho]> Nice :)
<DIVINITY> hi to all, i just need help with something.
<DB[DoctorWho]> Get anything nice?
* DIVINITY (DIVINITY@101E6B96.7B23ADBC.D59C1D71.IP) has left #social
<DB[DoctorWho]> I think he noticed the sign. :P
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* dracconusg is know weirded out by you
<djones|fucktard> :p
* GreenStraws dies laughing.
<djones|fucktard> dracconusg can't type either
<djones|fucktard> woot
<GreenStraws> Huzzahhh!
<dracconusg> yes I now I spelled it wrong
<djones|fucktard> HUZZZAAAAAHHHHHH
<djones|fucktard> oh dear god, teh irony
* GreenStraws roasts a boar in mid-evil celebration!
<djones|fucktard> dracconusg don't worry, im harmless
<djones|fucktard> mwuahahaha
<djones|fucktard> boar
* djones|fucktard roasts white
<djones|fucktard> ummm
<djones|fucktard> i mean
<djones|fucktard> ummm
<GreenStraws> OOooh.
<GreenStraws> You = screwed
<djones|fucktard> this is going to end up on delphster.net isn't it
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[09:04] <djones> i think emi has add sometimes
[09:05] <em|knockedup> add?
[09:05] <djones> i mean, you seem to jump from thing to thing very quickly emi
[09:05] <djones> add = attention deficiet disorder
[09:06] <em|knockedup> gah. i open up my documents to locate my oblivion settings and ends up in sims 2 downloads folder.
[09:06] <em|knockedup> what a habit :P
[09:06] <HystericalParoxysm> I do that all the time. XD
[09:06] <djones> heh
[09:06] <HystericalParoxysm> Every time I go into Program Files too.
[09:06] <djones> i do that into my music folder
[09:06] <djones> becasue i go in there 5/10 times a day
[09:08] <em|knockedup> yeah HP, i have short attention span :P
[09:08] <em|knockedup> i mean DJ :P
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<Vie> Ah Simfuckatron!
#139 · added 21 May 2006 · vote up / -1 / vote down - from #social
<Superfly> !seen God
<Foamy> I found 33 matches to your query. Here are the 5 most recent (sorted): PreciousAlly PreciousAlly PA|Coding PA|Photoshop ModYourLlama. PreciousAlly (Snake@mts2-C297D127.nycap.res.rr.com) was last seen quitting from #social 8 days, 10 hours, 52 minutes ago stating (Quit: AnacønÐa · {"Any} simple idea must be worded in the most complicated way").
<Lethe> precious is god?
#459 · added 26 January 2007 · vote up / -1 / vote down - from #social
<frazzmeister> CANCER IS THE BEST MATCH FOR EVERYON! hail cancer!
<frazzmeister> ...fecking capslock
#873 · added 20 October 2007 · vote up / -1 / vote down - from #social
* em|moonlight (SirEmino@D5BB261B.30484950.BBDF9417.IP) Quit (Connection reset by peer)
* SirEmino (SirEmino@D5BB261B.30484950.BBDF9417.IP) has joined #social
<SirEmino> i hate it when pcs started to hang just when you're winning
<SirEmino> grr
<SirEmino> ihateit
<ChocolateCake> Don't worry, it hates you too
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<Star> and with their eyes all popped out like that...you know they've been blowing something
#711 · added 10 July 2007 · vote up / -1 / vote down - from #social
<&Star> can sims die on community lots?
<&Star> also......mortimer (sp) won't dieeeee
<&Star> keeps coming back the old geezer
<&whiterider> My Mortimer died of old age, on Alexander's birthday
<&Star> well, I shot him
<&Star> but then I got an error and he came back
<&Star> and then I shot him again
<&Star> rinse and repeat
<&Star> I just shot lillith whateverthefuckherlastnameis and the dog is jumping on her dead body haha (dog is actually playing razzle)
<&Star> but she's jumping all over her lol
<&Star> omg there's an option on the gun to shoot the grim reaper
<&Star> who will come for him?
<&Star> aww he left...now I have to shoot another sim
<&Star> well, jennifer burb is crying for lillith - she's next!
<&whiterider> lmao...
* &whiterider pats the sadist
<&Star> white....they're cylons
<&Star> I have to do it
<&whiterider> You've been watching faaaaar too much BSG m'dear...
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<collateral> Every simmer need: SimPE, The Q-Xpress, and the inSim
<collateral> Tha' you're done :D
<Saria_Crossing> i have dial up...takes to olong to download them
<Kelly|Awayness> I don't have the inSim or Q-Xpress. :P
<collateral> That's because you suck :D *huggles Kelly*
<Kelly|Awayness> Well, actually, it's because I don't need the insim, and because q-xpress screws up my subfoldering.
<collateral> Aha, too organised for it?
<SilentPsycho> I have none of the three
<SilentPsycho> Mainly because I can't be bothered to think
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<whiterider> Spatuli!
<whiterider> OMG!
<Lolli> Spatuli?
<whiterider> Give me your address. I have to send you spatuli now Frenchie's in the country.
<whiterider> Spatuli. Plural of spatula. :P