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<photo_me2004> ok so i can't find the wcif forum
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[09:30pm] <Beck_Beck> http://photobucket.com/albums/e309/fangulouse/
[09:30pm] <Kelly> Um.
[09:30pm] <Kelly> Honey?
[09:30pm] <Kelly> Those were drawn with a sharpie.
[09:30pm] <Beck_Beck> um, no thjey werent
[09:30pm] <Beck_Beck> *they
[09:31pm] <Kelly> Yes, they were.
[09:31pm] <Beck_Beck> all our black sharpies were killed 2 years ago by my dog
[09:31pm] <HystericalParoxysm> lol
[09:31pm] <HystericalParoxysm> Those are TOTALLY black sharpie.
[09:31pm] <Kelly> You can see the lines in the damn butterfly wing.
[09:31pm] <missangelica> wow definite sharpie quality.
[09:31pm] <Kelly> If those were real and your dad just gave them to you, for one, they would be red and puffy as all hell.
[09:31pm] <Kelly> For two, they would be covered up.
[09:31pm] <Beck_Beck> for 3, my dad uses ointment
[09:32pm] <HystericalParoxysm> Uhm, yeah, and real tattoos kind of sink into the skin. Those are laying on top of the skin.
[09:32pm] <Kelly> So what?
[09:32pm] <HystericalParoxysm> Paint, marker, anything like that.
[09:32pm] <Beck_Beck> for 4, i dont swell easily, and i dont get red from ANYTHING
[09:32pm] <Kelly> Bullshit Beck
[09:32pm] <HystericalParoxysm> Black tattoo on white people looks slightly blue, too.
[09:32pm] <HystericalParoxysm> You're such a liar, it's funny.
[09:32pm] <Beck_Beck> you can put my hand on a burner and it wont reden
[09:32pm] <Kelly> B.U.L.L.S.H.I.T.
[09:32pm] <missangelica> ROFL
[09:32pm] <Beck_Beck> <censored> you kelly.
[09:32pm] <Beck_Beck> and alot of them ui have had for years
[09:32pm] <HystericalParoxysm> And crazy. Don't forget crazy.
[09:33pm] <Beck_Beck> *i
[09:33pm] <Kelly> BULL.
[09:33pm] <HystericalParoxysm> That's some lasting permanent marker.
[09:33pm] <Kelly> No one in their right mind would tattoo their child that young.
[09:33pm] <missangelica> I thought you said your dad had a rule of has to be 14?
[09:33pm] <missangelica> aren't you 14 now?
[09:33pm] <Beck_Beck> yeah
[09:33pm] <Kelly> Oooh, good catch, Angelica.
[09:33pm] <Beck_Beck> since january
[09:33pm] <HystericalParoxysm> Also, if you DID get those tattooed onto you (which you didn't) then you have bad tattoos.
[09:33pm] <HystericalParoxysm> As they are ugly.
[09:33pm] <Kindnia> actually, it is permanant marker
[09:34pm] <Beck_Beck> I did them MYSELF
[09:34pm] <Kindnia> AHA
[09:34pm] <HystericalParoxysm> With MARKER.
[09:34pm] <Kindnia> IT IS PERMANANT MARKER
[09:34pm] <Kindnia> as i said!
[09:34pm] <Beck_Beck> <censored> ALL OF YOU! i told you you dont know me at ALL!
[09:34pm] * Beck_Beck Quit (Quit: modthesims2.com)
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[08:26] <Delphy|Drunk> i am out of alchooal
[08:26] <Delphy|Drunk> coahol
[08:26] <Gaz> Delph needs a big bag of chips with curry sauce
[08:26] <Delphy|Drunk> alco
[08:27] <Delphy|Drunk> DRINK STUFF
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<Becix12> is Delphy here?
<HP|BreakingThings> Yes. He is.
* Delphy is now known as Delphy|Cooking
<Becix12> can he talk to me?
<whiterider> Minion with priveleges?
<whiterider> If he chooses to
<Becix12> Delphy you there?
<Becix12> oh i want to talk to him
<Becix12> he must be really nice...
<Becix12> like you guys
<whiterider> What on earth makes you think that? :D
<Lethe> he's not
<Lethe> he's evil
<Lethe> why do you think he has minions in the first place
<Becix12> he's not evil
<whiterider> He makes us slave away at hot desks all day, with not a copper to show for it. It's terrible really.
<Becix12> did you meet him?
<whiterider> Yes
<Lethe> yup
<Becix12> was he nice?
<Lethe> he whipped me *cries*
<whiterider> Not in the slightest. He was abusive, violent, and polka-dotted
<Becix12> he must be rich
<Becix12> i mean he owns the website!!!!!!!!
<Lethe> from all the money we make him
<Lethe> sure
<whiterider> If he were rich, why wouldn't he pay us?!
<Lethe> has us walking the streets he does
<whiterider> That he does
<Becix12> do you guys have bebo?
<whiterider> He pays for us all to live in a terraced house in central Amsterdam, but we have to give him a share of the profits.
<whiterider> Delphy owns Bebo too
* escand2 is now known as escand
<Becix12> really????
<whiterider> Really.
<Becix12> i didnt know that!!!!!!
<Becix12> does he own the sims 2 is well?
* fway|Bathroom is now known as fway
<whiterider> You learn something new every day
<whiterider> No, he bought EA as a gift for his boyfriend.
<Becix12> wow
<Becix12> he must be really rich!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<Becix12> is he gay?
<Lethe> yes, since he also owns the copyright to exclamation marks
<whiterider> No, he's straight but he has a boyfriend anyway.
<Lethe> you just earned him two bucks
<Becix12> .........................................................
<Lethe> not dots though
<Lethe> that's Steve from TSR
<Becix12> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!£$%^&*)""£££$$
<whiterider> But he only gets one dollar fifty for that
<Becix12> im dreaming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<Becix12> thats not fair
<Lethe> we're not actually allowed to use exclamation marks
<Lethe> since the agency that pays him will think it's fraud
<whiterider> He beats us if we do
<Becix12> wher are you from?
<Becix12> opppsss.
<Lethe> i mean, just imagine that he'd have people type exclamation marks all day, just so he gets royalties
<whiterider> We don't remember. He abducted us when we were mere babies, and we've never seen our families since.
* Lethe sniffles
<Becix12> bye
<Lethe> bye
* Becix12 (Becix12@fd-721641C6.tcl110.dsl.pol.co.uk) Quit (Quit: Live Chat Java User)
<whiterider> No! Don't go!
<Lethe> save us!!
<whiterider> He doesn't let us talk to other people often :(
<whiterider> Damnit
<Lethe> heeelpps
<whiterider> That was gold
<Lethe> lol
<Lethe> he'd better fix qdb now
<whiterider> Agreed!
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[12:24] <Dicko> how do you get the writing up in green and purple ?
[12:24] <Anna> press alt+f4
[12:24] <Dicko> ok thanks
[12:25] * Dicko (Dicko@D74427C6.96D4C4FF.2F6450D6.IP) Quit (Quit: modthesims2.com)
[12:25] <Star> LMAO
[12:25] <Anna> lalala
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<Lethe> ack!
<Lethe> I have no powers!!!!
<frazzmeister> eep
<frazzmeister> Lethey is powerless! attack while you can!
<Darkwytche> Kill her! Stake her!
<Darkwytche> Torture!
<frazzmeister> staaaake!
<Darkwytche> Tickle!
<Lethe> eeeeee
<frazzmeister> tickle! yes!
* frazzmeister tickles Lethe
* Delphy|Away sets mode: +a Lethe
<Darkwytche> Long feather here, I'll get Lethe
* ChanServ sets mode: +o Lethe
<frazzmeister> uh oh..
<Lethe> MUhahaha
* frazzmeister runs away
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<frazzmeister> zzznarb.
* frazzmeister said something odd.
<frazzmeister> in th eplace that isnt here.
<frazzmeister> <frazzmeister> pacman and delphy are the same person when your drunk..
<whiterider> does delphy eat balls too then?
<frazzmeister> i guess so....
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<SilentPsycho> Rawr
<GreenStraws> Oink.
<SilentPsycho> Meow
<TFS> Woof
<djones> i has a headache
<SilentPsycho> Mooo
<GreenStraws> Peep.
<TFS> H'kkkkkrrrrrslugulugh
<GoldenSimmer> 0.o
<SilentPsycho> ...TFS wins
<GreenStraws> ... Yeah.
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<margz> anyone help me please
<SilentPsycho> Hi, how can we help?
<margz> i have a problem with my downloads in OFB, it wont show up even i enable dthe custom content.
<margz> it only shows the objects but the hair and clothes and the accessories didint show.
--> Lethe (Lethe_s@540C6B68.91960830.A8033186.IP) has joined #help
--- ChanServ sets mode +a #help Lethe
--- ChanServ gives channel operator status to Lethe
<SilentPsycho> You've got Nightlife, so it's not the subfolders...
<SilentPsycho> Lethe, do you have any idea?
<margz> yes i have all the expansion pack. the last one i installe din OFB
<Lethe> err, repeat the problem?
<SilentPsycho> Wendell Johnson, (1949), states it more urgently when he says “the art of listening holds for us the desparate hope of withstanding the spreading ravages of commercial, nationalistic, and ideological persuation.”
<SilentPsycho> Wait
<SilentPsycho> Copy and Paste hates me
<Lethe> haha
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[11:36am] <frazzmeister> i wonder if that works elsewhere,.. say at a shop, some evil person whomps me with their handbag,.. i yell "boobies" and kathy appears and beats them to death..
[11:36am] <ShadowDragon> sweet
[11:36am] <ShadowDragon> that would rock
[11:36am] <frazzmeister> yes, yes it would
[11:37am] <ShadowDragon> "By the power of boobies.... I summon kathy to smite thee!"
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* frazzmeister tips dead ants on whites Kelly|Awayness?
* curlybap didn't know that
<frazzmeister> er.. keyboard.
<curlybap> lol
<whiterider> Kelly|Awayness? =P
<frazzmeister> why did i hit tab?
<whiterider> Because you're addicted :D
* Pfhoenix kills frazzle's tab key
<curlybap> lol, you've just highlighted Kelly|Awayness twice... make that 3 times :P
<frazzmeister> im a tab addict!!!!!!!
<whiterider> I keep doing that when I'm writing essays : /
<Pfhoenix> nefarious tab keys...
<curlybap> lol white
<frazzmeister> yes, we are on a highlting Kelly|Awayness spree.
<curlybap> Four!
<whiterider> Aw, poor Kelly|Awayness!!
<Pfhoenix> why would someone want to highlight Kelly|Awayness ?
<Pfhoenix> you figure Kelly|Awayness would be busy
<curlybap> I wonder, wouldt this be simply the worse time to follow Kelly|Awayness and go away
<whiterider> I don't know Pfhoe. Is anyone thinking about Kelly|Awayness here?
<Pfhoenix> if Kelly|Awayness is set to away
<curlybap> ?
<Pfhoenix> if I were Kelly|Awayness I'd get irritated at that..
<curlybap> eh?
<frazzmeister> yes, if i were Kelly|Awayness id get irritated too.
<whiterider> Me too Pfhoe, if I were Kelly|Awayness
<curlybap> what'd xchat just do?
<curlybap> lol
<whiterider> But I'm not Kelly|Awayness. Discuss.
<curlybap> Yeah, but maybe Kelly|Awayness is just pretending to be away
<Anna> i have nothing sweet to eat
<curlybap> anna ryhmes :P
* Anna wants something sweet
<Anna> ryhmes?
<Pfhoenix> I mean, people shouldn't just nick highlight people like Kelly|Awayness for no reason...
* whiterider emails Anna chocolate via Kelly|Awayness
<Anna> oh, lol
<frazzmeister> Anna has nothing sweet! i wonder if Kelly|Awayness does?
* curlybap still can't spell ryhemes
<Anna> lol, ty
<whiterider> *rhymes
* curlybap raids Kelly|Awayness's fridge
<curlybap> danke white =P
<whiterider> Kelly|Awayness IS sweet!!
* curlybap chops up Kelly|Awayness and gives everyone a slice
* Anna chews Kelly's leg
* whiterider apologises profusely to Kelly|Awayness
* frazzmeister wonders if curlybap is still counting the Kelly|Awayness highlights.
* whiterider wonders what Kelly|Awayness is going to say when she returns
<curlybap> um... yes, of course I'm counting the Kelly|Awayness highlights... =P
* curlybap counts back
* Pfhoenix wonders how long Kelly|Awayness has been away
<frazzmeister> how many Kelly|Awayness highlights have ther been?!
<whiterider> So curly, how many times have we highlighted Kelly|Awayness?
<Pfhoenix> lol
<whiterider> !lastspoke Kelly|Awayness
<Foamy> Kelly|Awayness last uttered a word on #social 10 hours ago.
<curlybap> 29:P
<frazzmeister> Kelly|Awayness has been away 10 hours!
<whiterider> 10 hours of awayness for Kelly|Awayness???
<curlybap> 31, if now
<curlybap> ok, 32
<curlybap> :P
<Pfhoenix> oh wow, it's been a while since Kelly|Awayness has been here,
<curlybap> poor Kelly|Awayness
<whiterider> She must be away, poor Kelly|Awayness
<curlybap> yeah, i agree pf
<frazzmeister> wow, 32 is alot of Kelly|Awaynesses
<Pfhoenix> I hope Kelly|Awayness doesn't get DC'd or anything
<curlybap> yeah, that would be an awful shame for Kelly|Awayness
<whiterider> I hope Kelly|Awayness doesn't become genocidal...
<frazzmeister> i think Kelly|Awayness will become genocidal
<Anna> genocidal?
<curlybap> for her to come back from her Kelly|Awayness and find that Kelly|Awayness was d/c'd
<whiterider> I also hope Kelly|Awayness doesn't become regicidal
* Pfhoenix thinks Kelly|Awayness is probably not near the PC right now...
<whiterider> I also hope Kelly|Awayness doesn't become homocidal
<whiterider> I also hope Kelly|Awayness doesn't become hobocidal
<whiterider> etc
<frazzmeister> no, Kelly|Awayness must be far away from the PC...
<frazzmeister> mabey Kelly|Awayness is on a hobo killing spree right now!
<Pfhoenix> if Kelly|Awayness were nearby, surely she'd have noticed by now...
<whiterider> Kelly|Awayness is killing hobos?? Hide!!
<frazzmeister> yes, im sure Kelly|Awayness would have noticed by now.
<curlybap> yes, bt maybe Kelly|Awayness is ignoring the pc?
<whiterider> I'm sure Kelly|Awayness would
<curlybap> or maybe Kelly|Awayness is a ghost
<whiterider> Or maybe Kelly|Awayness is away...
<frazzmeister> i think Kelly|Awayness would be telling us to stfu by now..
<Pfhoenix> Kelly|Awayness is probably at school or something
* Anna rubs her head
* curlybap is counting, brb
<whiterider> I think Kelly|Awayness would have every right to tell us to stfu
* Pfhoenix nods Kelly|Awayness certainly would...
* whiterider tells everyone to stfu on behalf of Kelly|Awayness
<curlybap> ack
<frazzmeister> yes, Kelly|Awayness would have the right to tell us to stfu.
<Pfhoenix> white, no leet speak!
<curlybap> the batteries will be done at one in the morning...
<Pfhoenix> :Psss
* curlybap goes to get the timer, brb
=-= curlybap is now known as curly|afk|bap
* whiterider thinks Kelly|Awayness should have the last word in any leeting allegations
* Anna needs a manicure
<Pfhoenix> but you know, that Kelly|Awayness is pretty cool...
<Kelly|Awayness> You guys amuse me.
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[14:05] * HystericalParoxysm has kicked tomic from #create (Come back when you can type.)
[14:05] * tomic (tomic@mts2-10DE7B1D.nott.cable.ntl.com) has joined #create
[14:05] <tomic> wats the matter?>
[14:05] <HystericalParoxysm> Those were some quick typing lessons.
[14:05] <HystericalParoxysm> The word is what. W-h-a-t.
[14:05] <tomic> u fuckerer im useing full words :@
[14:05] <tomic> get fuk
[14:05] <tomic> u fuk
[14:05] <tomic> fuk
[14:05] * HystericalParoxysm sets ban on *!*@mts2-10DE7B1D.nott.cable.ntl.com
[14:05] * HystericalParoxysm has kicked tomic from #create (I'm going to get fucked after I log off, quit rushing me.)
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[12:06] <Moe> :
[12:06] <Moe> er
[12:06] <Moe> ok this is pathetic
[12:06] <Moe> I just misspelled a smilie
[12:06] <Moe> this is a new low
#156 · added 15 June 2006 · vote up / 36 / vote down - from #Social
[21:37] * Bunny yawns
[21:37] <Delphy> !bagel Bunny
[21:37] * Foamy sticks a creamy creamy cheesy cheesy bagel in Bunny's gob.
[21:37] <Bunny> I'm really sleepy
[21:37] * Bunny chokes
[21:37] * Bunny dies
[21:38] * Delphy humps the dead Bunny
[21:38] <Darkwytche> O.o
[21:38] * Bunny gasps "Thats necrobestiality!!!"
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<SilentPsycho> What I've got beats your clothing. I have the cure for all ills, the elixer of life, the ultimate creation...
<SilentPsycho> CHOCOLATE!
--> whiterider (onoes@mts2-AAA3B32A.winn.cable.ntl.com) has joined #social
--- ChanServ sets mode +a #social whiterider
--- ChanServ gives channel operator status to whiterider
<Delphy|Working> Unfortunately that only works on 50% of the population SP
<HystericalParoxysm> Yeah but BOY does it work
<whiterider> Demasculation?
#16 · added 16 March 2006 · vote up / 35 / vote down - from #help
<Delphy|Nap> We need a Q-Xpress flash ad
<Delphy|Nap> But in the style of a viagra commercial
<Delphy|Nap> Downloads folder feeling a bit small? Jealous of your friends large custom content? Feeling unsatisfied in your game playing? Q-Xpress is the answer to your Sims 2 pleasure experience. Natural game enhancement. 12 easy payments, easy to swallow and no side effects. Download now - you wont regret it!
* Delphy|Nap renamed Q-Xpress to Simagra: Natural Game Enhancement
#356 · added 29 November 2006 · vote up / 35 / vote down - from #social
[17:43] <Viromancy> Does the lovebed work for boy-on-boy action?
[17:43] <@Pfhoenix> Viro, yes...
[17:43] <Famously54234324> thats just gay
#489 · added 5 February 2007 · vote up / 33 / vote down - from #social
* Cheeseisgood whines. Why do desert and dessert have to be so confusing? I don't know whether I predicted Spain's climate would become a mass of sand, or a large cream bun... Cheeseisgood sobs...
#1053 · added 28 July 2008 · vote up / 33 / vote down - from #social
<frazzmeister> shit, i am drunk, i think i just accidently signed up for facebook
* Database laughs.
<SilentPsycho> Heheheh, that is drunk!
<SilentPsycho> How can you accidentially sign up for Facebook?
<Database> WEll, you wouldn't do it deliberately, would you?
<frazzmeister> i don't know know, i clicked something... and there were boxes, so i wrote stuff in them
<frazzmeister> now suddenly i am at gmail, what happened?
<frazzmeister> i need to pee before i can deal with this.......

<frazzmeister> ok, why was i making a facebook profile?
<&Tikva> Because you were drunk
<frazzmeister> oh,... yeah, crap... i finally got it right too...
<frazzmeister> aww, i already has a freind, i am win.

<frazzmeister> wtf, i have a facebook.
<&whiterider> You noticed?
<SilentHM> Yes, you did that during the apple-eating earlier
<frazzmeister> yes.....
<frazzmeister> oh right..
<frazzmeister> why?
#54 · added 17 March 2006 · vote up / 32 / vote down - from #social
* Bink13y writes a tutorial on more obnoxious ways to beg for help on impossibly easy questions in the #social chat
<Bink13y> Rule 1: type all in caps
<Bink13y> Rule 3: type the same question every 0.3 seconds
<Bink13y> Rule 3: type the same question every 0.3 seconds
<Bink13y> Rule 4: insult anyone who dosent jump to help you instantly
<Bink13y> Rule 5: demand complex questions be answered in one word or less
<Bink13y> Rule 6: ALWAYS try and get someone else to fix it for you espicaly if it's impossible
#816 · added 11 September 2007 · vote up / 32 / vote down - from #social
<HP|Writing> Ken: "I love you!" Barbie: "I love you too!" Ken: "Let's kiss!" Barbie: "Okay!" <-- Low-tech sims.
<HP|Writing> It just doesn't have quite the sound of clattering plastic as you frantically and clumsily thrust two lusty mold-formed 11.5 inch dolls at each other.
<SilentPsycho> Cloud: Fuck me. Sephiorth: With pleasure. Cloud: You got me pregnant, you fucking bastard! <--- My Sims
<whiterider> ...ctnd... Ken: "Oh shit, risky woohoo hack!" Barbie "Oh, you'd better get a job" Male maid who for this purpose we will pretend is not gay "Oooh Barbie.. ACR ftw" Ken: "zomgwtf cheated on memory!!!" Barbie "Onoes!! *cries*" Social Worker "Haha pwnt" <-- TS2 with hacks. So much more interesting.
#384 · added 12 December 2006 · vote up / 31 / vote down - from #social
<Star> rofl...I could teach Dork 101. I'm reading Numenor's understanding uv mapping...so I start reading outloud hoping I'd understand it more....
<Star> I come to a smilie and....I actually smiled
#386 · added 15 December 2006 · vote up / 30 / vote down - from #help
[06:35] * closer (closer@mts2-90321924.stb.ubr02.telf.blueyonder.co.uk) has joined #help
[06:35] <closer> hey whats happened to the well
[06:35] <HP|HeadAsplode> Timmy fell down it.
[06:36] <closer> haha no why is the well syt not working
[06:36] <HP|HeadAsplode> Wtf are you talking about?
[06:36] <HP|HeadAsplode> What well?
[06:37] <closer> its a site with loads of people who have sims 2 websites
[06:37] <HP|HeadAsplode> Uhmmm... how should we know? This is mts2/s2c.
[06:37] <shakazulu> thats nothing to do with modthesims
[06:38] * shakazulu is now known as shaka|story
[06:38] <closer> no but some people know it and might be able to tell me why its not workin god and dont get cocky
[06:39] <shaka|story> mmm cocky
[06:40] <HP|HeadAsplode> We don't support other sites here.
[06:40] <HP|HeadAsplode> And sites go down temporarily all the time.
[06:41] <shaka|story> maybe they are doing maintenence??
[06:41] <closer> no im not seying u do but sum1 who is on here might know whats wrong with it
[06:42] <HP|HeadAsplode> closer, please type out whole words - no chatspeak like u and sum1 here. And as I said, we don't support other sites.
[06:42] <closer> cya aint cumin to ask questions again when i get treated like this i might write to some one and tell them how i was treated and give them names ok bye bye
[06:43] <HP|HeadAsplode> Um, that's nice, I'm site staff. You have fun with that. ;)
[06:43] * shaka|story giggles quietly
[06:44] <closer> ill write to someone bigger than you see what happens then
[06:44] <shaka|story> go with Delphy, see what happens
[06:44] * HP|HeadAsplode sighs.
[06:44] * closer (closer@mts2-90321924.stb.ubr02.telf.blueyonder.co.uk) has left #help
[06:47] <Delphy> O_O
[06:47] <Delphy> What a bloody moron
#947 · added 25 December 2007 · vote up / 30 / vote down - from #social
<Panda> the M key is right near the M!
<Greenie> .. No shit, Panda.
<Panda> ...
<Panda> shut up
<Panda> *N
#157 · added 17 June 2006 · vote up / 29 / vote down - from #social
<JK11> Let's get a fake help channel
<JK11> Guess the idea wasn't as good as we thought it would be :P
<SilentPsycho> Put a message at the top saying 'This is a fake help chat. All those who want help, go to the Game Help forums' and see how many can read
<JK11> lol SilentPsycho
<JK11> With bots that randomly say fake answers
<JK11> such as "Place all your downloads in My Documents\Downloads
<JK11> XD
<SilentPsycho> Like 'You PC is too hot. Please take it to the nearest sink to cool down.'
<SilentPsycho> Obvious wrong answers
<JK11> Make sure that you have rebooted your computer 8 times before playing the game
<JK11> Or "To get a baby, you must pray to the Sim stork gods. The item is found under Micellaneous/All"
<notreallyhere> XD
<SilentPsycho> Sim Llama Gods
<JK11> "To make your sim a vampire, your sim must eat ramen for 3 days, then set a television on fire.
* Delphy|JobHunting snickers
<SilentPsycho> Need a group of bots to make it convincing
<JK11> and maybe a few willing people who want to give bad answers
<SilentPsycho> With names like n00bHeLpEr
<JK11> lol
<notreallyhere> That will totally rock
<SilentPsycho> "Your video card is not good enough. Please remove it and replace it with a pair of used panties."
<JK11> lol
<SuperFly> There'll be one person who tries it
<JK11> "Your CD is scratched. Make sure to call EA Games and complain to them"
<SilentPsycho> "Your friends are all laughing at you behind your back. KILL THEM"
<JK11> "Make sure to double click the Sims 2 icon twice, to avoid compatability issues"
<SilentPsycho> Wait...
<SilentPsycho> "Your Sims are all laughing at you behind your back. KILL THEM"
<notreallyhere> Or "the new cheat to get Bella is to type in 'nookiebooboo' three times in a row"
<Delphy|JobHunting> You guys are insane