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<10@sickmeister> er....i have an icecream.. not porn.
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* Greenie gives Joey a bag of penguin slices.
<jhd1189> Blech
<Greenie> :D
<HystericalParoxysm> They'll grow hair on your chest. *nodnods*
<Bubo> i dont like penguins
<jhd1189> Please, penguins can't even grow their own hair.
<HystericalParoxysm> My grandmother always used to say that to me about stuff...
<HystericalParoxysm> I just had to sit there and wonder, why would a 7 year old girl want hair on her chest?
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<Lethe> holy hell there's brynjolf slash
* FrazzMEISTER is now known as frazzmeister
* Elexis (Elexis@fd-CEC33479.static.zebra.lt) has joined #social
<Lethe> and it's half an hour later
<Lethe> damnit
<Lethe> that will be an interesting convo with my boss tomorrow
<Lethe> "yes, i was working on the presentation, but then i got distracted by slash involving a side character in a game'
<frazzmeister> Distract with a kitten?
<Lethe> emergency kitten!
<Lethe> always carry one with you
<frazzmeister> yes.
<frazzmeister> "you're under arrest, you have the right to remainOMGKITTEN"
<Lethe> indeed
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<frazzmeister> everytime i say something stupid, i wonder where white is......
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* Rich (Rich@mts2-79896297.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) has joined #social
<Rich> Any skinners willing to give me a hand?... my skin touching up skills suck... I do objects:P
<&Tikva> I skin puppies, does that help?
<Rich> LOL
<&Tikva> ...why lol? It's nasty. Blood and guts all over the floor. I've ruined so many clothes doing that
<&Tikva> But the pay is good. Down with the fur industry! But no-one likes puppies anyway. And it's not like they're endangered
<&Tikva> Yet
<&Tikva> However, they're a pain to sew, or so the people in the other warehouse say. You have to find 10 skins of the exact same colour and texture just to make a fucking hat
<Rich> lol
<&Tikva> And puppies don't come in standard paintjobs.
<Piglet> puppies? :O
<&Tikva> Yes, those annoying whiny things that shake annoyingly when you try and kill them.
* djones stops talking to tikva in protest
<Piglet> real ones or the toy ones
<&Tikva> Real ones
<&Tikva> Toy ones don't shake
<Piglet> some do
<Piglet> but real ones :O
<&Tikva> And no-one wants a fur coat made by the Beanie Baby people
<Piglet> poor puppies :(
<djones> ...
<djones> piglet
<busybap> rofl
<djones> just don't encourage that evil whore
<&Tikva> <3
<djones> shes an evil cow. just ignore her
<Piglet> although it defo should be stoped
<&Tikva> You would have thought, if the eyeballs that won't flush gross him out so much, he'd just use the other bathroom
<busybap> ...why would eyeballs not flush?
<&Tikva> They float. no idea why.
* busybap 'd've thought they'd've been rather dense
<&Tikva> Well, I tend to squeeze the jelly out first. It works well for strengthening the back of the skins
* Piglet Faints
<&Tikva> Oh it's ok, I don't do humans. That's just nasty. There are some... but I try to avoid them. Like Buffalo Bill.
<Piglet> your a cuila daville however you spell her name lol
<&Tikva> He's fucking wierd, but the mafia pay him in gold bars....
<&Tikva> Don't think gold bars would do it for me though
<djones> mmmmmm, gold bars. they make good whacking sticks
<&Tikva> Gold bars != fair pay for skinning young children
<&Tikva> But anyway, talking about that is disgusting. Back to puppies :)
<Piglet> nooooo the horror, leave those puppies alone!
<&Tikva> I got a kitten in one of the bags once. Was not pleased. I couldn't skin it, so I sent it to a dog food factory.
* Piglet Is worried about how disturbing you are
<&Tikva> "Disturbing" is a matter of perception
<annay49> kitten?
<&Tikva> Yes, a kitten
<&Tikva> All fluffy and white
<Piglet> awwwwwwww
<Piglet> next time you get a fluffy white kitten send it over ill look after the poor thing
<&Tikva> You're kidding me - I got £50 from that factory. That's worth five puppies, with no mistakes
<Piglet> probably cos it's so cute
<&Tikva> The most annoying thing is when you've got it all perfect.... and then you nick the testicles and the whole caboodle gets ruined by escaped bodily fluids
<&Tikva> Are you still buying this?
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<ChocolateCake> i haz a question
<Safyre420> I haz a answer
<ChocolateCake> i can has cheezburger?
<sheepbap> i haz cheezburger
<ChocolateCake> pls give cheezburger kthx
<Safyre420> I made u a cheezburger but I eated it :(
<Safyre420> =^.^=
<ChocolateCake> u eated mah cheezburger?
<Safyre420> yah soz I'm frum teh intranetz
<ChocolateCake> o ish ok lolz
<Safyre420> lulz
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<Corrie> Stuff you've been Mass Debating at home, by yourself?
* Tree just said that out loud, and lol'd at the result.
<cthru|HMM> mass debating?
<cthru|HMM> who did that? :P
<cthru|HMM> you confused me
<cthru|HMM> :P
<Corrie> Say it out loud really fast.
<Tree> :P
<cthru|HMM> LMAO
* Corrie patpats innocent cthru
<cthru|HMM> naaaw, I wasn't mass debating
<cthru|HMM> :P
<cthru|HMM> shaddaaap
<cthru|HMM> XD
<Corrie> Sure you weren't cthru...
<Corrie> sure you weren't.
<Tree> Is that any of your business, Corrie? :P
<cthru|HMM> no, I wasn't :P
<Corrie> Not really, but still... she was clueless about it till a few seconds ago.
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<Lethe> im going to bed fefere i say soem'htitn stupid
<Lethe> more stupid
<Lethe> something
<Lethe> before
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<Djones> My joke is amazing.
<whiterider> Is that why you keep it locked up safe where no-one can ever see it?
<Djones> You're thinking about my...i'm not going to finish that sentance.
<whiterider> Subtlety?
<Djones> Yes.
<Djones> Other answers include tact and penis.
* Djones clearly has a tactful penis.
<Loaf> i am just going to stay out of this one.
<whiterider> That sounds like a penis being tactful to me
<Djones> Oh how I lol'd.
<Loaf> did...did you just call me my boyfriend's penis?
<Loaf> i don't know how to respond to that...
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[20:23] <Djones> Zack: What would get a 10?
[20:23] <Djones> Steve: Waking up and your skin is clear and you can see all of your organs and stuff and then you look closer at your stomach and there is a little baby man inside it and he's smiling back at you.
[20:23] <Djones> Zack: Steve. What the hell?
[20:23] <Djones> Steve: You asked for a 10, I gave you a 10.
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[09:07] <cthru> use IE if you have it?
[09:07] <Tree> :O
[09:07] <Gangreless> :O
[09:07] <Tree> NONONONONO!
[09:07] <Gangreless> NOOOOOOO
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<CatRose> let's talking about something else
<CatRose> any suggestions?
<Vie> Erm...
<Vie> Cars
<Vie> Cats
<Vie> Carrots
<Vie> Cany Cother Cthings begining with C
<CatRose> Camera
<CatRose> Cartoons
<CatRose> your favorite cartoon?
<Vie> Hum
<Vie> good question, probably Futurama
<Foamy> Zoidberg: Stop! Stop! If you interrupt the mating dance the male will become enraged and maul us with his fearsome gonad!
<Vie> ...
<Vie> Now theres an Image I dint need
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<Lethe|GTA> HP has sand in her vagina? :/
<Lethe|GTA> that's gotta be itchy
<-- HP|Meshing has quit (Quit: Yes, I do.)
<Cazzy-Tchan> heehee
<ChocolateCake> Lol
<Star> o.O
<Lethe|GTA> :(
<djones> O.o
<Cazzy-Tchan> :)
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[17:37] * The_French_Sim is now known as DarkwingFrenchie
[17:50] <HystericalParoxysm> GODDAMMIT FRENCHIE
[17:50] <DarkwingFrenchie> ?
[17:50] <HystericalParoxysm> NOW I HAVE THAT THEME SONG STUCK IN MY HEAD
[17:51] <DarkwingFrenchie> I AM THE TWAT THAT FLAPS IN THE NIGHT
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[19:44] <Triviabot> 33. Which word can precede the following; -count -bath -bank?
[19:44] <Triviabot> Here's your hint, answer space: _____
[19:44] <HystericalParoxysm> sperm
[19:44] <HystericalParoxysm> wait...
[19:44] <P-epsi> blood
[19:44] <Triviabot> P-epsi got the answer: blood in 10.704 seconds. Points: 1608 Rank: 3rd
[19:44] <Triviabot> Current Round: P-epsi-32 HystericalParoxysm-30 Nurrah-4
[19:44] <P-epsi> ewww
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[13:59] <Qbuilderz> oh god...ohhhh god
[14:00] <Gangreless> We don't need to hear your masturbatory sounds, Q.
[14:00] <Lee|FishLord> ?
[14:00] <Lee|FishLord> heh
[14:00] <Qbuilderz> *goes to PM*
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<Database> It's a fairly common fetish, apparently.
<Database> If somewhat painful.
<elpemmy> gearstick sex or car crash fetish?
<HystericalParoxysm> Jesus christ this chat is way too educational
<HystericalParoxysm> In the WORST way
<Database> One of the main reasons I like it here, HP XD
<Database> The shit I learn from you guys.
<Database> Some of it's actually useful.
<HystericalParoxysm> And some of it makes you completely unable to ever look at a pineapple the same way again.
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18:01 <&Aychpee> We don't talk about piracy here, raven.
18:01 < Davey> Piracy is bad
18:01 < Database> Yarrr!
18:01 <&Aychpee> Hush, you.
18:01 < Database> Avast, ye hearties, etcetera etcetera.
18:01 * Aychpee hits Data with a rolled up Chii.
18:01 * Chii loves it
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[19:12] <fway|TS2> how do I download the internet?
[19:13] <ChocolateCake> www.theinternet.com
[19:13] <fway|TS2> thanks. :)
[19:13] <ChocolateCake> That...linked to amazon.com.
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<Gangreless> fuck anime
<Gangreless> I'm so glad they relegated it to only one night a week
<Davey> cowboy bebop is fantastic
<Davey> the music is amazing
<Gangreless> I only watch anime if it involves hermaphrodites and tentacle penii.
<Ri> ...
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<Longdaysend> i know, it costs money. if they charged you penises that would be creepy
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<frazzmeister> right, i should shutup
<frazzmeister> ...er *shutdown
<frazzmeister> ...
<Sparkle> LOL
<frazzmeister> I'm fucked, aren't I?
<Sparkle> Yep.
<Sparkle> And quoted.
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<simfanactic2184> do any of you guys do requests for the modthesims2 site
<Delphy|Away> Whats modthesims2
<simfanactic2184> it's a site where people make stuff for the sims and put it up to donwload
<Lethe> simfanactic2184, never heard of it
<simfanactic2184> download*
<Delphy|Away> Sounds like a crud site to me. I mean, whoever heard of making stuff for the sims
<simfanactic2184> alot of people
<Lethe> must be out of their minds, to be honest
<simfanactic2184> like home's car's furniture and clothe's
<Lethe> sounds like a lot of work, making that
<Delphy|Away> yes totally bonkers Lethe
<simfanactic2184> yes but i guess they enjoy making them
<teknofil> isn't sims that family that lives down the street... why would anyone want to make something for them... they are... well we aren't allowed to say those words here.
<simfanactic2184> well i don't think it's bonker's
<Lethe> and you ask them to make stuff?
<simfanactic2184> i think it's neat because you can find stuff that maxis didn't out into the game
<simfanactic2184> if you want to you can make request's
<Delphy|Away> Who is maxis? one of these so-called creators?
<simfanactic2184> why in the world r u in here if you don't know what maxis is or even the game for that matter
<Delphy|Away> I'm here for the women. Why are *you* here?
<simfanactic2184> don't worry about that
<teknofil> definatly the women...
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[12:04] <Lethe> qdb is being updated
[12:04] * Lethe gasms
[12:04] <Lethe> erm
[12:04] <Lethe> gasps
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Morphead: Hello Dal dearest and others
daluved1: You
SIMul8rReviews: Morph!
daluved1: ...didn't have to cut me off